Car Dealer Marketing Strategies For Effectiveness

Your monthly sales cycle involves a relentless need for driving an effective “car dealer marketing” process. Without this, your competitors will drive demand through their ability to capture attention in the marketplace.

Here are three strategies which will help drive more “inbound marketing” opportunities:

1. Closed Loop Marketing

If you send a dealer direct mail marketing piece out, the processes for capturing, converting and servicing leads must be predetermined and automated. The steps involved typically involve visiting a landing page, registering and follow-up for the potential car buyer. Your systems and your team need to engage at each step. This closed-loop marketing approach must be lined up to ensure the most timely reaction based on the customer’s window of giving you attention. Don’t squander it. Timing is everything.

2. Remarkable Presentation

If you present standard size mailers or mediocre graphics, you might as well save your money. The competition is too dense for mediocrity to work. Ensure the quality of what the prospective customer touches, sees and experiences is professional and of the highest caliber. You must stand out or just stay home.

3. Create A Funnel

Everyone is not ready to buy right now just because you want to sell cars. The majority of people either do not have a need based on timing. They will buy, but just not right now. Make your call to action two-fold. One should be for those that want a deal now. The other should focus on a lesser call to action. Give something to get their email address. With this, you have permission to drive further nurturing to allow them to get to know your car dealership and build trust. When they are ready, your effective nurturing will make them a new customer one day.

Strategy Is Long-Term

Your strategies should combine both the immediate and the ongoing. There are people ready to react to an offer if you can get their attention and be compelling today. There are many others that will be ready if you can build trust. Ensure your marketing dollars are not only capturing new sales, but also building something that becomes an asset to make doing business in the monthly sales cycle easier. A system for selling always trumps just selling from the hip.