We recently engaged with a new client who has been dissatisfied with their marketing agency’s level of telephone service. For us, this is an important thing not to gloss over – telephone communication is still the preferred method of checking in for many of our clients. Periodic calls, in addition to frequent email updates, are what allow us to really connect with our customers.

We are aware that many of the nuances of marketing and design goals are intangible, difficult to express through type. Tone and energy and ideas are usually best expressed verbally.

Important Questions

The voice you give to your marketing is influenced in the way you communicate with your automotive marketing company.

Here are some pertinent questions to ask in order to achieve the most effective automotive marketing plan:

  1. What is my dealership’s brand message?
  2. How do we communicate it to customers?
  3. What kinds of direct mail marketing pieces do our potential customers want to see?
  4. What tools do we use in our mailers to communicate brand messages?

Take a long, hard look at how you communicate with your marketing company. Are you clear?

And then, you can ask: Do they have the capacity to make your message clear? Is your communication with them satisfactory? Do they have the ability to communicate core values about your product?

If your marketing company doesn’t understand your message and isn’t communicating with you well enough, you can’t be positive they’re communicating with your customers in the best way possible. Evaluate your marketing company to make sure your brand message is solid.

When you deal with an automotive direct marketing company, you’re putting your customers into the hands of the people who service you. These people should be open, communicative, and willing to use whatever techniques necessary to ensure you that the job’s getting done. If you’re not seeing those kinds of results, it might be time to move on.