Many managers are afraid of alienating loyal customers by being a part of “telemarketing.” While that’s understandable, general bias against utilizing call centers could be costing your dealership money in the long run.

Consider these 4 winning strategies for dealer call center effectiveness that could take your dealership’s campaigns to the next level.

1. Cold Calling? Not Necessarily.

Utilizing a call center isn’t just about cold calling and prospecting. A call center can have numerous practical uses:

  • Customer service-oriented duties
  • Appointment reminders
  • Service reminders
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

There are all an important part of call center reliability for a streamlined, strategic business process.

2. Metrics Data Gives You Better Direction for Campaigns

If you’re running a small dealership, chances are you don’t have the in house staff to put together a call center – or you could find the price tag outrageous if you’re looking to outsource the work. You may also be in a situation where there are too many separate marketing campaigns for your dealership.

It is vital not to lose track of what’s running for your current promotions, how the different areas of your marketing are working together, and what type of statistics you can expect to see in order to prove the efficacy of your campaigns. Measure the results of your call campaigns and your auto direct mail fliers simultaneously, watching reports so you can see how each campaign affects the other.

3. Integrative, Well-Planned Campaigns Yield Results.

Your automotive direct mail campaign should kick start your call center campaigns. Mail pieces should contain a largely visible promotional number that customers may call. Call-center staff should deal with the customer just as a member of your in-house staff would.

4. Big Picture Planning is Key.

Any dealership marketing firm that isn’t looking at the big picture certainly isn’t right for your business. All areas of your marketing should work together seamlessly. Whether you’re running a simple promotion that requires the print and mail of one card with a follow-up call campaign, or a complex campaign with a multi-faceted marketing scenario, your marketing materials should be aligned.

Many automotive direct mail services firms offer call marketing, but ADS Auto Marketing integrates this type of campaign strategy with your full marketing package. If one area of your marketing isn’t working, it’s likely to affect all areas and all campaigns. Integration of your call, print, and digital advertising campaigns can make you dealership truly stand out from the competition – and will leave you with metrics you can read and understand for your business.