Many direct mail companies claim to provide a direct mail marketing campaign that will improve your sales, customer feedback and customer response, and while that may be true for some companies, how long does it take them to get it done? When it comes to your business, you don’t have a minute to spare. We know that from the moment you choose from one of our flexible direct mail campaigns that you expect only the best. Whether you choose the key mailers, the saturation mailers or our deluxe booklet mailers for your automotive or car dealership business, you should not only have a fast turnaround, but a guaranteed 2% response from your recipients as well.

Why not generic automotive direct mail services?

A generic automotive direct mailer marketing plan doesn’t work for several reasons. First, every business is different from the next, and each business has different needs. Your auto direct mail marketing campaign should reflect who you are, how your company is run and what makes you stand out from your competition. It’s important to produce a high quality direct mail marketing campaign with a fast turnaround time so that you can produce better results from your mailings. No matter how large of an order you place, you should be guaranteed a quicker service than anyone else by avoiding the standard mailing options and determining to the second when your mailers will arrive.

We understand your frustration of mail getting lost or an automotive direct mail campaign taking longer than you were told it would. Any automotive direct mailing company you work with should specialize in speedy service from the beginning to end. From the time you place your order, your company should have a devoted team of direct mail specialists working hard to ensure your order is not only unique to you but has a speedy delivery. You can avoid the traditional mailing method of taking your mail to the post office carrier, and instead have it drop shipped directly at the DDU (destination delivery unit). Additionally, each shipment should be mailed off by UPS, with a UPS tracking number. Unlike standard mail practices, this allows prompt delivery the day you expect it.

What should the standard of quality be?

At Accelerated Dealer Services, we believe in producing quality for your direct mailing campaigns.

Even more than that, we want the speediest service you have ever experienced so that you can not only depend on us, but more importantly, depend on your business to thrive by our enthusiastic, eye-catching mailers. Improve your marketing strategy by ordering a highly impactful booklet mailer, or just keep it simple and produce a higher volume clientele with our popular saturation mailers. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed a personalized and speed service that only ADS can deliver!