BDC Contact Center Manager

The BDC manager is responsible for managing and overseeing the “Textonix” lead conversion service which converts and qualifies inbound leads from dealership marketing campaigns. They remove obstacles to execution and manage results for client satisfaction and retention hand in hand with the Operations Manager.


The responsibilities include: 

  • Daily review of all projects and their results
  • Support operations team with performance details and reviews
  • Ensure weekly To-Dos are complete to give full insight to campaign performance, both positive and needing improvement. 
  • Provide Performance Improvement Plans as needed for under-performing accounts.
  • Work with management team to address issues and drive continuous improvement on a weekly schedule; Raising account related issues that management addresses based on escalation and facilitating project continuity.
  • Defines, refines and optimizes department processes and checklists to support delivery of service to the dealer client. 
  • Train BDC team with one-on-one, group and learning management systems to improve performance. Develop skills of team members to deliver higher levels of service.
  • Manages scheduling and staffing needs within the department. 


  • Must be well versed in G Suite
  • Must be able to type minimum 40 words per minute 
  • Must be able to work independently and stay focused on the task at hand. 
  • Must be relentless with lead follow up until an outcome is reached. 
  • Must be diligent in reporting.


The BDC manager ensures that services are delivered as sold for ongoing and short-term dealer client campaigns.  They stay ahead of issues and problem-solve to support the Digital Marketing Specialist and Operations Manager maintain client satisfaction and expectations for each respective project.  

They ensure that best pracrtces are evaluated, established and refined continually within the department to retain clients for longer periods of time. 

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