Payments Policy

Our digital marketing team at Accelerated Dealer Services runs on systems and efficiency. This is how we sell more cars with our dealers by staying focused and executing.

Our standard payment policy is:

  1. We provide monthly digital marketing services and auto-charge your card on our PaySimple platform with your credit card on file.
  2. For any advertising spend, you, as a dealer client, pay directly to the advertising platforms, i.e., Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Youtube Advertising, etc.

This keeps things clean and direct and allows us to do business with each other efficiently.

We work hard to keep results, progress and car sales ROI front and center for you as our client and our goal is to continually improve car sales as well as have a long term relationship based on your results and customer experience.

Our finance team can be reached at in case you have any questions.

We are set up with automatic credit card subscription charging and digital checks on Checkbook. You can see how to pay an invoice by Checkbook here.

We are not set up to carry your costs because we run lean and efficiently. If we do not have timely payments, we send notifications to your billing contact and suspend your services and advertising campaigns until your account is current.

Our systems work to serve many dealers at a low cost. Your help in automated and timely payments allows us to provide this world-class service to help you sell more cars each month. Thank you for working with us.