How We Work

Digital Marketing Project Management

Our team at ADS manages many dealer campaigns and projects ongoing. We have developed a systematic way of working to provide a world-class customer experience to your dealership. Here is how we work with you as a dealer client:

  1. Sign deal: We provide a proposal on a productized service which we implement to help you sell more cars. This is digitally signed in our PandaDoc system.
  2. Set up project: We have standardized checklists of implementing your productized service using Basecamp. This is an area where our assigned marketing team members and your team – project manager, account manager, general manager – can collaborate and stay aware of our work for you. We communicate and manage to-do items against schedules and deadlines here. You can either login or simply view and reply to emails from the system.
  3. Payment systems: Our financial team will set up your payments for marketing services and your digital ad spend. This will make it convenient for continuity and managing your campaigns ongoing for selling more cars each month.
  4. Execution: Our Digital Marketing Specialists will work on your to-do items including creative, copy, IT systems, reporting and analysis. We will report on your campaigns per our to-do schedules and keep you aware of our strategies and implementations.
  5. Optimization: We are continually monitoring, analyzing and refining your campaigns to drive your funnel of new leads. We will keep you aware of this within our Basecamp project management system.

Our goal is to be collaborative, open and working hard as a partner to help you sell more cars each month with our standardized approach.

Our long-time clients enjoy working with our team because of our systems, responsiveness and processes to help you sell more cars with leads and appointments. We seek to provide a high level of clarity and results from our proven and continually refined workflows. Thank you.