Anytime you send out automotive direct mail pieces, you’re faced with the issue that you have to work twice as hard at appearing trustworthy to potential customers as people in other industries.

The car salesman stereotype has haunted dealerships that don’t deserve it for a long time. When you’re creating automotive direct mail pieces, putting the power back into the hands of your customers can greatly increase the power of your auto marketing, and help you avoid falling under the stereotype umbrella.

Let Them Have a Say

Create auto marketing mailers that allow your customers to feel as if they have the power of the choice – that they’re in complete control of the buying process and their decision is ultimately the most important aspect of the buying cycle.

How can you do this? Start by considering a survey. Talk to them about their experience before you even give them an experience. Create questions on your mailers such as:

  • How often do you buy a car?
  • What are you looking for in a luxury vehicle?
  • Is savings important to you in purchasing a new car or truck?

Compelling content that makes your customer feel as if they are in control of the buying process can change the face of your auto marketing. You can think of many ways to make your customer feel as if he or she is completely in control of the buying process – and can therefore walk away at any time.

Don’t Fear Walkaways

The seasoned car advertiser knows that a customer who walks away happy has a good chance of coming back to purchase a car. When you create your automotive direct mail pieces, put the idea into your client’s mind from the get-go that your dealership will always be the best choice, no matter how many times the customer walks away and comes back.

Treat return customers or referrals with extra bonuses and incentives, and potential customers will see that kind of behavior – and that you value your clientele. Without the customer, there can be no sale – so promoting incentives that value current and future customers will look attractive both within your dealership, and on your automotive direct mail pieces.

When it comes to auto marketing, making the customer feel powerful and in charge of the buying decision will help eradicate car salesman stereotypes for your business, and increase the productivity and effectiveness of your auto marketing.

How have you been able to allow the customer to feel in control of their buying experience?