Most people who work in advertising know the power of the word. A call to action, a bolded verb, a proposition of value – so many things have the potential to catch the eye of new customers and bring them in. When you’re working with automotive direct mail pieces, you understand how a combination of words can literally change your entire message.

As an automotive marketer, what are the most important messages you can give your client in your automotive direct mail? Just about every auto dealer knows call to action and incentive tactics, but what about using the kinds of relational words that can inspire your clients to action?

The Power of Words

There are some combinations of words and some old-school advertising tactics you can use to spruce up your automotive direct mail pieces, and deepen connections with your target audience. Here are some ideas:

The Numbers Game.

There’s just something about a cash amount or a time limit that makes a potential customer pay attention. Try listing some car prices – and even use the slash-through, best value technique if you need to. You can also use large, bold letters to declare that a sale will only last THIRTY DAYS or FIFTEEN DAYS or however long you need. Choose a period of time that’s reflective of what your dealership can handle, and experiment with different time periods.

Incite to Commit

When you’re selling cars, it’s a bad idea to use “commit”, “commitment” or similar words in your advertising. It’s more important to express the idea that the customer is going to see real value from this purchase for years to come. “Commitment” is a reminder of the fact that buying a new car puts a user in for the long haul.

Rather than using commitment-related keywords stick to words that speak of the great benefits a new car brings to a person or family. “Value”. “Luxury”. “Security”. “Service”. Analyze your copy line by line to ensure you’re using the best combination of words on your automotive direct mailers.

The name of the game when it comes to creating a great mailer is testing. Just because one thing works, don’t stick with it year after year – use words that inspire passion and excitement about your vehicles, and keep your language professional. You should look like the pro offering a great value at all times. When you reflect professionalism, great value and passion, clients will visit your dealership for top-of-the-line buys.