There’s just something about staff pictures that really makes a huge difference in your marketing.

Many car dealer managers are resistant to sharing pictures of their staff, particularly on printed materials. This could be due to a variety of factors, including staff turnover, the work involved in photographing the staff, resistance by employees or the idea that printed photos may not seem professional enough.

Fortunately, there are ways you can use staff photos with automotive direct mail pieces that will appeal to your audience. Here are some ideas:

Building Trust

When you use automotive direct mail pieces to show your sales force to your customer base, you give them an idea of the friendly faces they’ll see when they visit your dealership.

You already know that many customers prefer to deal with one person. Customers want to feel as if they’re taken care of, and you can help them establish a relationship with one of your staff members before they even enter your dealership.

Consider listing the name and extension of a salesperson on different automotive direct mail pieces. You can divide the mailers by assigning zip codes to one sales person, or by asking people to call in by a salesperson’s specialty.

Most dealerships ensure their salespeople are knowledgeable about all vehicles, so develop whatever sales tactic you need around getting your mailers out there.

Sending Followups

When customers leave addresses with your sales team, you can use automotive direct mailers with your salesperson’s face as a great way to remind customers of the great service they received. Future customers can call their salesperson of choice and set up another meeting to look at or test drive a car, or to make a purchase.

Follow up automotive direct mail pieces are also a great way to remind customers of how much value your service department offers. When you put staff photos on mailers, you can also include the photos of service reps that customers may deal with in the future.

Giving customers a friendly face to rely on shows solidarity in your organization. It shows you’re not afraid of turnover, you’re proud of your sales staff, and that your customers can count on you. Staff pictures make for a great automotive direct mail sales tool that you can use at your convenience, and test against your current auto mail pieces.

Finding new and innovative ways to use automotive direct mail can definitely help you accelerate sales and get the faces of you business out in the open.