Getting that shiny new mail piece makes all the difference.

What sets apart automotive direct mailings from all other types of advertising? It’s the way mail is cut, the way a potential customer is communicated with when they pick up that mail piece, and the message that your company is giving the client each time they pick up an automotive direct mailer.

Mail is an option that really works.

Many companies are ditching their automotive direct mail advertisements in favor of internet marketing and other forms of digital media. While digital marketing is a viable way to bring in customers, and it’s important for any dealership to have a solid internet marketing presence, internet advertisements may not provide the complete direct marketing solution dealership managers are looking for.Why not? Well, internet marketing definitely has impact on client, but you can’t pull a picture or advertisement from the computer and set it on your coffee table or in your car, where it will get more attention later. Direct mail advertising, particularly automotive direct mail advertising, isn’t something you can gloss over as quickly as an internet ad.

You can’t save internet advertising to examine later. You can’t send internet advertising to a friend. Most people don’t have the technological savvy to screenshot a text ad for sending to a friend, or to save a banner ad that a friend might like. PPC and similar forms of advertising don’t give users the option to email the offer to a friend.

When it comes to advertising, there are many advantages to using direct mail that you just won’t get with digital marketing. Many managers who don’t heavily engage in auto

motive direct mailing for their advertising needs think of mailers as “disposable” items. Mailed items are one of the few types of advertising left these days that are actually less disposable than other methods you might use. TV ads, billboards, and digital advertising ares often out of the customer’s mind within a matter of seconds.

By engaging in automotive direct mail advertising campaigns, dealerships make sure that clients have a piece of mail that can be held on to, shared with friends and family, and picked up again later. Any mailed piece of advertising has the potential to be picked up by the potential customer and examined again and again.

What do you think happens when the customer picks up Automotive Direct Mailings again and again?

Automotive direct mailings give your customer the opportunity to be marketed to again and again – particularly if you work with an agency that knows how to create eye-catching automotive direct mail pieces that can capture your potential customer’s attention again and again.