When designing your automotive direct mailers, there is something to consider that is even more important than the visual design or the catchy font: Your grammar, spelling and punctuation! These elements are vital to upholding your image as a trustworthy, professional dealership.

Typographical Errors

When a mailer is filled with typographical errors, spelling mistakes and the wrong—or worse, no punctuation, this can undermine all of the work you have done to assure your customer base that you are the best place to go when they need to fill their auto purchasing needs.

In fact, having egregious errors in your direct mailer may cause potential customers to merely throw it away without even giving it a second glance. And you know what that means, right? Wasted marketing dollars. Keep that mailer in their hands! Pay attention to detail.

Say What You Mean

Also, never overlook the importance of saying what you mean. Get to the point – make sure your customers are 100% clear on the marketing messages in your automotive direct marketing mailers. The clearer you are, the more likely a customer is to trust your service.

Have you ever seen a commercial, heard one on the radio, or read a print ad where there was an obvious error? How much do you remember about that particular ad? If you’re anything like us, what you remember is the mistake and perhaps the company, but certainly not the product or the reason why you SHOULD buy it.

You want to make sure that your customers remember you for your customer service and integrity as a business. At ADS we partner with you to ensure that all automotive direct mailers have no mistakes and that all details of brand and content reflect a standard of excellence.

What are you doing to make sure the automotive direct mailers you send out are excellent?