One of the main reasons people refrain from making a new automobile purchase is financing. Many people simply don’t have the money, the resources or the credit to get into a new vehicle. In many cases, people who desperately need a new car don’t understand that there are options available for financing – so they end up going the used or Craigslist route.

As a dealership owner, you have a better idea than anyone of your bottom line. If you know that you can accept a cosigner, a certain auto credit score for decent financing or that you can give your customers other options, that’s great. Do they know? Having special promotions and offering lofty finance options won’t get you anywhere if potential customers never find out about them.

Here are some strategies you can use to accommodate people who have the need for financing options.

Identify Your Lowest Credit Score Bracket

If you fear customers are pulling their annual credit scores and despairing at what they say, targeting specific financing brackets can be a great idea. You may not want to use your automotive direct mail pieces to say, “Come in if your credit is 600 or above!” However, there are ways you can target folks with lower income brackets or poorer credit scores.

Use language that compels and builds a sense of understanding while having acceptable credit score numbers you’ll finance featured on the automotive direct mail piece. Be specific about the fact that customers can come in and inquire about financing with lower credit, and let them know exactly how you’ll work with them if they do come in. Remember, many people simply aren’t coming in because they don’t want to go through the pain of being turned away. You have to be assuring to take this approach.

Emphasize Individual Service

If potential customers know they won’t be shamed or judged due to financial issues, they’re more likely to visit your dealership and work with you. Again, upfront, reassuring copy on your automotive direct mail pieces is key here. Let you customers know that you’ve worked with clients from many different income and credit brackets, and include URLs that point to testimonials on your website.

Many opportunities for good business exist where you’re not marketing. Lower income brackets or people with credit problems can be targeted carefully and honestly in a way that builds credibility and business for your dealership over time.