When you’re shopping for an automotive direct mail service company to assist you with your marketing efforts, beware of the marketing package.

Many of our clients come to us complaining about the way other marketing companies’ package offers are structured. When it comes to accepting a marketing package while you engage in service with an automotive direct mail marketing company, you need to be able to understand exactly what is offered, and at what price.

It comes as no surprise that many automotive direct marketing companies will take any opportunity to gouge loyal customers at every turn. Part of this occurs when marketing companies offer certain types of services as “upgrades,” when these basic services should be part of any automotive direct mail marketing campaign.

Things to Watch Out For

One good example is postage. We have written before about the importance of checking postal receipts to ensure that automotive direct mail pieces are sent on time, and that you are not being overcharged on postage. As a customer, you have every right to ask your automotive direct mail marketing company to explain what all postage charges entail.

Are you also being charged a handling fee by the marketing company? If so, how does that fee differ from the base amount you will be charged for postage?

Although it seems like it should be standard practice to address these issues, many automotive direct mail marketing companies simply do not.

We have also discussed the importance of checking the quality of ink or paper to ensure that the final product suits the bill. If your marketing campaign costs jump thousands of dollars due to something simple like the quality of card stock, it might be time to start looking for another automotive direct mail servicing company. While the quality of paper is important, and you should expect to pay more money for better paper, you have to use common sense in terms of what is a fair charge for better products, and what is simply price gouging.

Many marketing companies charge in packages, and often times a marketing package makes the standard of service easier for both the customer and the automotive direct mail servicing company. When your marketing company refuses to show you an itemized bill, or explain all parts of a marketing package in detail, you should be suspicious.

Your automotive direct mail marketing company should be 100% transparent with you throughout your marketing campaign about what charges you will incur, and why they are necessary.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Automotive direct mail marketing companies are as different as their customers’ needs, but it is important to make sure that your marketing company operates fairly, and is willing to be open with you about what different marketing packages entail. Most of all, any marketing company should be willing to design a custom marketing package for you that will meet your basic needs and any custom requirements beyond those needs.