Automotive direct mail service options involve several different kind of mailers and cuts you can use to entice your customers. Many dealership managers don’t know which promotional mailer is right to use for their campaign. Read on to find more tips about which automotive direct mailer might be best in your situation.

What’s the best automotive direct mailer to use?

Your dealership deserves to be seen by as many people as possible, and saturation mailers help you do that. The 11 X 7 mailing piece is vibrant, colorful and to the point. It is a great choice for car dealerships that want to incorporate many visual images of their available trucks, new cars, used cars and promotional deals throughout the year. It’s 11 X 7 size will stand out, to produce a higher clientele who will see your automotive direct mail pieces.

Many customers choose the key mailers, which offer increased customer traffic as well. If you’re looking for an eye catching mailer, the key feature, colorful images from our artists and designers and promotional deals in large captions will help you to easily improve your customer inquiries and intrigue.

Key mailers also offer “extras” such as coupons, personalized messages and colorful artwork that will make it easy for new and old customers to come to your dealership for the car of their dreams. For a quick response to your automotive direct marketing campaign, expect up to a 2% increase in customer response.

Booklet mailers offer dealerships the benefit of a high response in customer loyalty. Each booklet contains eight 11 X 7 pages of nonstop dealership information, exciting visuals of your inventory and on top of that, promotional deals. From car dealerships that need to revitalize their marketing plan to newer dealerships that need an attention grabbing mailer, the booklet mailer is a worthwhile investment for those looking for automotive direct mail services.

Database mailers for example, are highly effective if you have a thorough customer list and spend the time investing a personal touch. Database mailers can be effective when marketed the right way, such as for promotional purposes, for new customers that recently moved to the area or with a “free gas” incentive when customers buy a new car.

A direct mail campaign should reflect your dealership’s needs, so whether you order a booklet mailer or key mailer, it will be in the hands of professionals all the way to your customer’s mailbox.

Still not sure?

If you still have questions about what automotive direct mail services would be best for your dealership, call and ask us! We’re always happy to talk to customers about what could best fit a particular situation – as any automotive direct mail service company should be. Finding the right mailer is a crucial part of your advertising campaign, so take the time to decide which mailer will be best for your promotions over time.