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It’s a reality in life that we all experience gaps.

Several years ago Disney produced a popular movie called A Bug’s Life. The beginning scene takes place at Ant Island. A group of ants are going about the task of collecting grain from nearby stalks. They regularly offer the grain to the grasshoppers, who in return, keep all other predators at bay, allowing the ants to live a full, rewarding, and safe life.

The scene unfolds with the ants walking single file to the Offering Leaf when a shadow suddenly appears on the ground. One of the ants looks skyward, he sees a leaf falling towards him. It lands and severs the line. The ant stops and panics, wondering how the line will continue. After some effort, Mr. Soil, one of the ant coaches, successfully moves the ants around the leaf, with an assuring voice saying, “Do not panic. Do not panic. We are paid professionals. Now stay calm we are going around the leaf. Watch my eyes. Here‘s the line again. Good job everybody.”

Gaps happen

Princess Atta, the queen to be, realizes there is a gap and screams; “There’s a gap! There’s a gap! There’s a gap in the line — what are we going to do? Mr. Soil replies again with a reassuring but firm voice saying, “It’s okay, your highness. Gaps happen! We just lost a few inches, that’s all.”

And from that moment on, the ants are focused on closing the gap.

Here’s the lesson:

  1. Gaps happen. They happen to us financially, physically, spiritually, vocationally, and in our relationships.
  2. The distance between where we want to be and where we are, often feels like miles, but with the right corrections it is, in fact, only inches.
  3. Focusing on another person’s perspective, particularly someone who has dealt with similar issues, can often help us relax; only then can we learn what we must do to close the gap.

Closing the gaps

Closing the gaps in our life is not a math problem. It is a design problem. It is not a will power issue it is a discipline issue. Closing your gaps is about discovering what is truly important and then designing a plan to deal with it.

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