Spring is here, and you may be feeling sick and tired of running the same promotions year after year. Sure, you can expect your promotions to bring a base line of customers onto your lots each season, and we all know that a dealership should never get rid of classic promotions that ensure strong sales each year.

At the same time, you may be wishing for promotions to use with your dealership that could increase your bottom line exponentially. The more flexibility you have to test a variety of promotions, the more you can find ways to increase revenue and make your dealership successful.

Below are some tips you can consider when looking for ways to market outside your normal yearly promotions.

Tax Time

Many dealerships are already running spring promotions around tax refund time, so they don’t bother to give special deals to folks who may be getting a larger tax refund.

Any opportunity you can give a customer to use money that is burning a hole in their collective pockets can translate to greater sales for your dealership. Feel free to add gas or oil change deals to sweeten the pot if you have those capabilities.

Automotive direct mail services are a great way to let people know about your services before or around tax time.

Weather-Related Accidents

Everyone knows that when bad weather is a factor, driving capabilities go downhill. Visibility, hail, wet roads that lead to hydroplaning, snow or other bad weather issues can lead to damaged or completely totaled cars. Someone who’s been in an accident is going to be looking for a new car.

It’s always a great idea to anticipate bad weather, and be ready for a promotion that will get a driver into a new car 2-3 weeks after the storms have hit. It’s hard to have dated materials ready for a situation like this, but you can really make the most of it if you have printed materials on hand when bad weather hits your community.

Age Milestones

Traditionally, May and August are months filled with birthdays. Younger high school students will be getting licenses, and 18 year olds will be graduating and heading off to college. Running special promotions that coincide with age milestones can be very profitable for your business, if the deal is sweet enough and the promotions are timed right. Consider creating automotive direct mailers that will go out on months with these types of milestones.

New customers are ready to receive special promotions and get in on the best deals. Using automotive direct mailers and other advertising tools will ensure clients see your message. Consider planning smaller promotions for your dealership in addition to the larger annual promotions – you may be surprised at the amount of revenue your dealership can bring in with smaller promos!