The key to an automotive direct mail campaign that works for dealership clients lies in the sense of urgency communicated about an offer or promotion. In many cases, dealerships need to emphasize that savings won’t last forever, or that customers who come to the lot even one day after a special promotion are likely to lose out on that key deal forever.

So, if you’re creating an auto mailer for your dealership, how do you create that type of message to reel in customers?

Appeal to Pain

The first step involves appealing to pain. Perhaps their old clunker has been causing one too many headaches and repair costs. Perhaps someone has been trying to get around without a vehicle of their own. Inciting people to buy, letting them know how purchasing a car as part of a once-in-a-lifetime deal could solve many problems, is one key to creating effective advertising.

Attract Attention

Another key has to do with attracting their attention by the look and feel of the advertising. The shape and size of advertising should differentiate it from other pieces of mail the customer is holding. A company like ADS has experience with designing unique mail pieces that stand out from other mail the customer may be holding, and this can really impact your business. Once your advertising catches attention, both with the way the piece is designed and the message included, the customer gets even closer to visiting your lot so that you can work your own magic.

It’s incredibly important to feature high quality images of the merchandise, and any special inclusions in your pricing on your automotive direct mailings. Low-res pictures of your vehicles may be less enticing than an engaging, clear picture of what you’re trying to sell. High quality images can make all the difference. Particularly if your price points are similar, the customer will be more inclined to visit dealer who demonstrated more care with their branding and product advertisements. Working with a firm that has automotive direct mailing experience can save you from losing out to your competitors due to simple, easily fixed issues like this.

If you own a dealership or run marketing for one, you don’t have time to waste on automotive direct mail advertising that doesn’t meet your needs. There is a proven formula to good advertising that also incorporates the particular and unique offerings of a dealership, so working with a firm that understands this will always get more customers in your doors.

In conclusion, when seeking out a firm make sure to:

  • Partner with a firm that articulates a clear execution process
  • Ensure artwork is remarkable
  • Focus the messaging on the customer’s pain

If you are interested in finding out how an expert dealer marketing firm like ADS can benefit your business, please contact us for a consultation.

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