ADS has over a 90% customer retention rate. Our satisfied clients continue to return to us, year after year, confident that we will continue to drive interested customers to their showrooms. Promotion after promotion, we are industry leaders in automotive direct mailings.


Part of our draw for many clients is the speed at which we’re able to deliver direct mail pieces. An important step in our mailing process allows us to bypass sectional center facilities. SCFs can sometimes hold up mail for days, even weeks. By using our own direct mail systems, we can deliver auto direct mailings to potential customers more quickly than just about any service out there.

The more quickly customers get direct mail pieces, the more quickly your automotive mail campaigns start to work. Clients will know about your promotions several days sooner on average, and you can be assured auto buyers will fill your showroom over a longer period of time. The sooner during the promotion period customers are informed about the promotion, the more opportunity you have to draw as many potential buyers in as possible.


ADS can meet our bottom line when our customers meet theirs. Well-designed automotive direct mailers with a flawlessly executed marketing campaign system keep our customers coming back time after time. With the knowledge and expertise to make complex marketing campaigns happen, ADS is an industry leader in automotive direct mailing services.


Many of our customers may be concerned about pricing – and rightly so. We often find that our competitors have much steeper pricing, and don’t work with a system that ensures rapid delivery or customer satisfaction. Because we are the printer and mailer, our customized services can happen much more quickly than many of our competitors’ solutions, and our prices are reasonable, particularly considering the value all our clients receive.


With personally designed advertisements that go directly after our customers’ target audiences, we ensure a high success rate and have a higher retention rate than many automotive direct mail service providers in the business.

Our customers are the reason we stay in business, and we will do everything in our power to provide the best auto mailer service for car dealerships out there. With custom designed advertisements, rapid mailing services and a high retention rate, ADS continues to lead the industry as one of the best automotive direct mailing service centers out there.

We prove our value to clients time and time again, creating campaigns that keep customers coming back and buying season after season. With automotive direct mailing services, you can ensure that your pieces have high-quality designs, and fit the needs of your dealership time and time again. ADS is proud to provide top of the line services to customer, mailer after mailer.