Summer’s on its way – and if you’re not planning those summer automotive direct mail pieces yet, it’s a great time to start.

One of the main issues with doing any kind of advertising during the summer is that a certain mindset comes with summertime – a large portion of sales that happen during the summer are, after all, made in someone’s garage. Many advertisers seem to think that the summer months are slim for people – that advertising in the summer doesn’t have the same effect, and budgets are best reserved for those end-of-year mailers during the big November car sales.

During summer, many advertisers seem to think it’s a good idea to stop direct mail marketing and go with online ads. The idea is that money saved during the summer time can be applied to that big November push. There are some very good reasons not to let up on advertising during the summer – so if you’re thinking about stopping your campaigns, you might want to listen up.

Yes, it’s Summer.

Even so, people are also spending a lot of money on things like vacations, graduations and the 4th of July parties. Wallets will be tightened and consumers may be less likely to purchase big-ticket items. Although it might not seem apparent now, you’re not the only dealership thinking this way. While consumerism for big ticket items may be less, the result may include your competitor’s marketing also thinning. This could be a gateway for you to blow the doors off the competition with some really great mailers.

Summer is not the time to pull back on your automotive direct mail marketing, but to push it harder and smarter.

Summer is the time to announce fire sales, or deals that your competitors aren’t announcing. You may very well make sales you didn’t expect simply because yours is the dealership with the most visibility.

Take Advantage of the Summer Heat

Because people are out of the house more often it’s also best to make sure that you keep up with your automotive direct mailers. People may not always be able to see your online marketing, but if they have something eye-catching to hold on to, the effectiveness of mailers may be a different story for your dealership.

Don’t Forget the Pictures.

Your dealership probably has that one perfect-for-summer car. Show it to people. Get it out there. Put it front and center on your mailers – along with your branding, of course – and get people excited about that summer deal. Don’t hold back on the best cars you have to offer your customers this summer.

What are you doing to make sure that your summer marketing is a success?