Many automotive dealerships feel left out in the dark when it comes to designing automotive marketing mailers. You may have no idea where to start – what color, what size, what to put on them, who to send to. If you’re in that position, you’re not alone. Plenty of dealerships that have been around for a while are just starting automotive direct mail campaigns.

Some companies make the mistake of trusting their advertising agencies to handle everything. If you’re not working with a specialty company that focuses on automotive dealerships, you can’t be sure that your marketing company knows the best way to get prospective clients on the lot.

Showing Off the Product

If you work with a marketing company that isn’t accustomed to using automotive direct mail marketing, you may find your company misses important components of automotive marketing on their mailers. For instance, we’ve seen many companies feature appealing pictures of car exteriors all over their mailers – but what about the interior of the car?

Part of effective automotive marketing involves giving the customer a taste of the driving experience. Many automotive dealerships and typical marketing agencies focus on the exterior of the car, when the interior determines the deriving experience for so many people.

Think Out of the Box

The exterior of a car is naturally about luxury. It can be really effective marketing if you choose to give your customer both the interior and exterior experience of buying a car with you.

There are many ways to do this. First, the most obvious – publish mailers that give your customers an idea of what the car interior looks like. You can photograph a car’s interior from a variety of perspectives – the backseat perspective gives a good view of the dashboard, but the driver’s perspective gives a close-up of the console and what it would be like for your customer to drive the car. Some dealerships find these angles very effective.

You might also consider merging offline and online promotions featuring a car’s interior. Invite users via direct mail to log onto your website for special deals and promotions – including a full rotation, panoramic 3D view of a car’s interior.

When customers have the ability to check out a car before even stepping onto your lot, their potential to “fall in love with” that car increases drastically. This also greatly increases your chances of making the sale.

Don’t just rely on the exterior of a car when it comes to selling with direct mail. Encourage your marketing company to think out of the box, and provide your potential customers with a product preview experience that will get them onto your lots.