Many dealers tend to push end of year promotions heavily, focusing on customers who are looking to save big on year end models. Though this is a great strategy for any dealership, there are plenty of other times during the year to take advantage of great mail promotions that would get new customers on your lots.

Saving advertising dollars throughout the year in order to make a big year-end push may seem like a great idea for many dealerships with low spends. We’ve discussed the importance of year-round deals in previous posts, and how working on multiple campaigns throughout the year as part of a major advertising push may result in revenue you never expected.

You never know until you try

One of the most frustrating aspects of marketing for many dealerships is that predicting revenue simply isn’t possible. The only way to find out if a particular marketing technique may work out is to try that technique. Plenty of small dealerships get hung up on this, rather than pushing forward with a basic automotive direct mail campaign that could yield major profits.

Is summer profitable?

When planning a new advertising campaign, you need to consider what times of year customers will have money, and general conditions that could result in customers wanting to end up in a new car.

Based on these criteria, there’s no better time to work toward getting customers into new vehicles than summer. Summer hits right after tax time, and May-July are great times to really get your summer promotions into gear for your customers.

What kind of mailers should I use?

Remember, focusing on a customer’s pain is always a great way to market. Consider printing mailers that focus the plight of potential customers walking in the heat, or potential customers who might want to take that summer road trip but don’t have a reliable vehicle.

As a dealership marketing manager, you know your customer base and what kind of people you typically see on your lots during the summer. Listen to what those customers are saying, and market in the opposite direction. For instance, if you find lots of young people who recently graduated from school or college, consider why you’re not seeing an older demographic and what you can do to market to those types of people.

You could be sitting on a goldmine just by marketing to a new target during the summer months. If you need to create special deals on used vehicles to bring in that target, you might find yourself making more money than ever on used vehicles.

Don’t underestimate the power of the summer months to produce income for your business. Even if you find that summer is a slower time for your dealership, the right automotive direct mailer can really swing things into motion for your dealership.