When you have a big special promotion for 4×4′s for the next 72 hours only, your customer expects to see a slew of 4×4 options, accessible and ready for purchase once they arrive at your showroom.

You created the vision through your direct mailer, now you have to follow-though, and meet the expectations of the customer. Move out all the cars for 72 hours except the “Big Special” ones. Use the same typeface, same color, same words, and the same offer on the front of each vehicle. Learn from an old fisherman: “Do not change the bait on the hook after the fish has an open mouth and is ready to bite!” Keep all of the branding consistent.

Your job has gotten so much easier if you just give the customer exactly what they came looking for in your showroom.

Perhaps you sent out direct mailers that announced the big special on green sports cars. You have five green sports cars in the showroom. You have used the exact same color and font type on the ads to their homes as you did on the showroom floor. The sales offer is the same.

That customer had the vision at home. In the showroom, the customer now has a visual of specific cars. Like leading a blind person, guide his or her hand to the doorknob and open the door. Let them start the engine so they will sign the purchase papers. If you have not interfered with the basic brand consistency, as soon as the paperwork is signed, it is your turn to visualize a bigger sales commission for your reps.