Every dealership worth its salt evaluates its sales persons based on performance and conduct. After an initial selling period, if a car salesperson isn’t doing his or her job, they’re typically not viewed as a valued member of the company and kept around for any length of time.

On top of that, many sales people aren’t willing to live on a lean salary while waiting on a commission check. Your sales people have to be good, and you have to ensure the appropriate systems are in place to measure how they perform for your company.

Many dealerships make the mistake of forgetting to put their marketing materials to the same test.

Ask yourself this question – are you printing out automotive direct mail pieces and holding yearly promotions simply because you have to, or are you truly measuring the efficacy of your campaigns?

Conduct Yearly Metrics Audits

If you don’t know how well your direct mailers are performing, it’s time to find out. Don’t just pull numbers for the past few years – consider numbers for the last 8-10 years of performance for your automotive direct mail service campaigns. Measure those numbers up against trends in the market and how the internet affects sales overall.

Take a look at your website.

Are you missing an opportunity with your online marketing to increase your direct mail marketing base? Many dealerships continue to make the mistake of considering their digital marketing materials as separate from their paper promotions.

This can be a huge mistake, particularly when you can use online forms to get clients into a sales funnel – then over time, you can increase your funnel by engaging that same customer with automotive direct mail products.

Don’t Forget Demographics.

If you take a look at your marketing promotions over the years, you might even find that your target age or income demographics have drastically changed. If you don’t make use of this information for future marketing campaigns, you could be looking right over a gold mine.

There are plenty of ways to build out your sales funnel and bring new customers in, but failure to evaluate past marketing materials over the long term may deprive you of important opportunities to use your automotive direct mailers in a new way.

If you are constantly working to develop cutting edge marketing techniques that increase your business, you should evaluate past performance results which will inevitably give you some keys to success.

Vehicles are something that consumers are always looking to buy, but doing “just good enough” is never enough for any dealership. Evaluating your previous marketing materials can help you build a plan of success for the future.