Auto Dealer Facebook and Google Ads Success

For Patriot Chevrolet Bartlesville, March 2021

See how we helped this Car Dealership with these Facebook Ads and Google Ads Solutions

  • On-Facebook Lead Gen Ads
  • Facebook AIAs
  • On-Facebook Lead Forms
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Messenger Ads

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  • Conversion Rate – 29.64%
  • Cost Per Lead – $12.01
  • Sold Units – 50
  • Cost Per Sale – $77.07
  • On-Facebook Leads – 212

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Auto Dealer On-Facebook Destination Ads Success – Full Transcript

Hey guys, Justin here with ADS with a quick review of our March Facebook Ads. So I’ve got some sold data uploaded finally, and a little bit to talk about. So, March is a longer month compared to February, of course also spring. So we expected to get more leads and we did, which helped drive our cost per lead. We were at a high in February above $25 and ended the month around $25. And we were able to bring that down, almost doubling our lead count, and getting our lead cost down to $12, which is phenomenal. Our conversion rate actually dipped just a little bit, from our 31%, to just below 30%, but still really strong.

Increased Facebook Ads Impressions

A lot of refreshes, a lot of new ad copy. We’re seeing impressions go up, which is good, but it means we’ve got to refresh things more frequently so that we’re not putting the ad in front of the same people too many times. So that means changing out the artwork, changing up the ad copy a little bit, and then making sure we’re focusing on the types of ads that work. So right now we’re trying to promote inventory as much as we can. We know that there’s a new car inventory shortage for some dealers and also used cars are really hot in the commodity right now.

Connecting With Customers Through Facebook Ads

So we’re just kinda trying to go with the momentum on where, where people are wanting to look for cars, small SUVs, pickup trucks, trade value, trading up things like that, until we find something that works. So right now, we’re doing a lot of messages by ads as well, trying to get people to connect with us and stay on the platform, stay on Facebook. So, we’re doing more of that in April here. We’ve already made some adjustments to some of our current ads too.

Car Sales From Facebook Ad Campaigns

Well, for the month cars sold, we know that at least 50 with people who bought [cars] saw or engaged with our ads on Facebook, which led to a cost per sold of $77. I look forward to updating you guys here at the end of April soon. If you guys have any questions about what we did last month and what we’re doing this month, reach out, we’ll talk to you soon.