How does ADS marketing services work?

We listen carefully to your auto dealer goals and provide a digital marketing plan to help you sell more cars with new leads and appointments. We have developed proven technical and consulting services to deliver monthly leads to your dealership. We are also continually refining our approaches and developing new digital marketing services based on research, technology and testing.

How do you track results from your digital marketing?

We provide our clients a list of all leads/appointments or a match-back to sold when we are provided with a file of sold vehicles.

Our team works in Basecamp to manage projects and provide these at the end of each month. Our results matching is a service we are diligent at providing for clients that share accurate data.

How do we report on ROI?

We utilize Facebook’s offline conversion reporting to match back sold data straight from your CRM or DMS system that can be attributed to our campaigns. While Facebook can’t (or won’t) release personal information, it does allow us to have accurately detailed attributions based on multiple pieces of information (name, date of birth, phone number, email, etc.)

Does Accelerated Dealer Services provide CRM management?

While our clients manage their sales with CRM’s such as Vin Solutions, we are a digital marketing firm that focuses on strong partnering to deliver leads and appointments. We have our own marketing systems to provide monthly leads and appointments. You can read how we work here. We are careful to setup your initial workflow with you and provide leads to help your team with the intake of new leads. However, we are not a CRM or systems administration company. We are a third-party marketing partner and would suggest procuring a systems and/or data vendor for your CRM usage, adoption and customization.

How does our monthly marketing spend work?

In our sales proposals to clients, we provide a monthly marketing fee to ADS which is paid in our automated system. Our finance team sends you an authorization and we automate this for you.

For your ad spend on platforms such as Google or Facebook, we set the budget in our administrative controls based on your agreed proposal and optimize the advertising, landing pages and offers towards this budget. This is your card on file with the platform provider directly. Thus, you will see two charges: the ADS monthly management fee and the advertising fee with Google and/or Facebook

How do I know how my digital marketing is paying off?

We have processes built around monthly digital marketing campaigns that work on a schedule and list of to-do items. Our Digital Marketing Specialists will provide feedback and our Basecamp system will show the work behind the scenes our team accomplishes as well.

In addition, we provide management reporting videos sharing what has happened, results and conversions that have happened within our digital marketing systems.

How do we communicate with your dealership team?

Our team invites members of yours to join us in our project management tool, Basecamp; communications are sent via email where you can easily reply and keep things all on the same page with both your team and ours–this is a partnership, after all.  We also welcome you to download the Basecamp application and mull around–it’s a pretty neat tool.  You can also expect mid-month and month-end reporting shared via your Digital Marketing Specialist.

Can your team create and run custom offers for our dealership?
Yes, we can.  All custom offers are accommodated on a case-by-case basis as you desire but do require scoping.

You can request a custom quote here to submit your request, & your sales representative will reach out to you with a specialized quote.  Once approved, our finance team will invoice for the work and it will be passed on to your Digital Marketing Specialist.  

What hours does your BDC team work?

We are here Monday-Saturday 10am – 7pm CST. 

What are the terms and conditions for us to do business together?

The terms and conditions can be found here. We work from this agreement for each of our proposals we provide and agree upon.

How are monthly marketing payments managed?

We have a payments policy here which you can review. We also use auto-charge on credit cards and can receive digital checks.

What can we expect in the first 30 days of working with you?

Our team’s first priority is to provide exceptional customer service alongside effective marketing that provides real, measurable value to your dealership.  Our marketing strategies are set up to optimize for results over a 90-day time frame.  Our goal for the first 30 days is to set the foundation for retargeting and optimization for months 2 and 3 of advertising. 

What are the automotive Industry Standards for Digital Marketing?

Just like with anything, as strategies and methodologies evolve, so do the industry standards of excellence. We base our standards on the key partnerships we have with those on the frontline at Facebook. Key metrics such as Cost Per View, Lead Cost, View to Lead Conversion Percentage as well as Cost Per Sale (via offline conversion results) are all key metrics we value.  In addition, we make it a point to evaluate month over month increases in website traffic, website leads, and other key traffic measurements.   Our clients experience industry standards of excellence on most, if not all key marketing performance indicators, and in most cases exceed those numbers after our first initial 90 day period.   

When working leads to conversion, what can we expect for response times?

Our team strives to maintain a sub-5-minute response rate on all leads we are working to convert.  Our chatbot is designed to respond immediately based on customer responses and questions to mitigate any wait time.  Our live agents maintain the 5-minute response time, less any extenuating circumstances. Leads and inquiries that come in after our regular BDC hours (for live agent campaigns) will be responded to the next working day. 

How do we get leads from you?

Leads will automatically be sent via ADF/XML format to your CRM lead address that you provide to us.  We can send additional copies of leads to specific email addresses if needed; however, we recommend keeping the leads going to your CRM to simplify workflow and introduce the customer into your standard sales process inside the dealership. 

Do you provide consulting on dealership processes?

We pride ourselves in our automotive experience, particularly inside the dealership and internet departments; however, our standard marketing products do not contain CRM management, internal process development, or other consulting items. We have developed tested processes for the implementation and optimization of marketing products to consistently provide measurable results that do not integrate with on-site dealership systems management. If you’re interested in how we can help out in a consultative approach, please reach out to your ADS Account Manager for more information and a proposal for additional services.  

Can we have access to our ad account in Facebook?
We do not grant access to our Facebook ad accounts, most simply because it’s admin back side.  We do, however, share reporting frequently to provide our clients with visibility into their progress, results and value. 

How often do you share reporting on our campaign?
Your Digital Marketing Specialist will share reports with you and your team via Basecamp twice per month.  These reports will be a mid-month performance update & a month end report including ROI via Facebook Offline Conversions.  If you’d like more frequent updates, please contact your Digital Marketing Specialist directly to work through options to accommodate your dealership’s needs.  

Do my campaigns qualify for COOP funds?
We are very familiar with COOP and working with most, if not all, of the manufacturers.  As long as our team is made aware during the setup of your campaign, we will be able to ensure that we include the correct verbiage and logos as well as obtain a pre-approval from your manufacturer to make submitting your claim easy and stress-free. 

Which manufacturers accept your advertisements for COOP reimbursement? 
We can work with most manufacturers.  We are also a preferred vendor for the Chrysler Southwest Business Center.  Unfortunately, we are not an IMR approved vendor with GM at this time.  

When can I expect my COOP documents?
Our team will provide a COOP package to any designated member of your team between the 5th and 10th of each month.  This allows adequate time to ensure we have all the necessary items for your claims.  It also allows room for your team to submit your COOP claim prior to the deadline of the 15th of the month. This package will be for the previous month.  Example: Your September COOP package will be sent to you between October 5th & October 10th.