In many cases, missed deadlines or low-quality products are something that clients might even come to expect from marketing companies. Automotive mail service companies often talk the talk when it comes to being competitive and delivering customer oriented, quality service, but fail to walk the walk in delivering a timely, professional marketing campaign to clients.

When it comes to automotive direct mail services, it isn’t just about receiving the campaign on time – it’s about how your marketing company chooses to deal with you and how they treat your business.

Consistency and stellar service are important in this industry, and your automotive direct mail service professionals should be willing to deliver great service without taking shortcuts or giving you excuses.


Late direct mailers

An automotive direct mail services company should never blame the client. Last-minute changes are one thing, but it’s just bad customer service to understand that last-minute changes will make mail or deliveries come late without informing the client.

If your automotive direct mail pieces are late in getting to customers for any reason, your automotive direct mail services company should be offering apologies, not excuses. Too often in this industry, marketing companies blame the client for missed deadlines or things that go wrong at the last second. Your marketing company should be accountable enough to communicate with you if a deadline will be missed by even a few days.

Bad customer service

Any type of automotive direct mail service marketing can involve a large financial investment, so it makes sense that you’ll want to know what phase of the campaign your marketing company is working on, and how the campaign is moving along over time. If you can’t get a rep on the phone when you have questions about your marketing campaign, you’re probably not dealing with the right automotive direct mail marketing service.

You shouldn’t be left wondering how your marketing campaign is going – your marketing company should be proactive in communicating with you about approaching deadlines, campaign efficacy, and any other details of your account.

If you find yourself in a situation where your automotive direct mail company isn’t delivering, don’t waste time. There are far too many automotive marketing companies who would love to give you a quote, and would love to prove to you that effective, customer friendly service is available without putting up with missed deadlines and a bad attitude. Go with an automotive direct mail service company, like ADS, that’s willing to go the extra mile for you as a customer, and you’ll see more customers coming on to your lots.