If you manage marketing for a car dealership, you might find the three quick holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas a little stressful. Many dealership owners buck the notion of advertising for Halloween or truly gearing up for winter because they’re focusing on the big November end-of-year sales.

You may not have time now to promote Halloween with an automotive direct mailer, but there are some last-minute things you can do to decorate your dealership and get things a little festive. This can be particularly helpful if you’re focusing on the end-of-year push as opposed to each holiday individually.

Putting Out Candy

This is a tricky one, as liability is an issue for many dealerships, and understandably so. Any candies with peanuts would be wise to avoid. Regardless, a few goodies lying around could spruce up the dealership for the Halloween holiday. Offering a small package of candy to new car buyers is usually a welcomed treat.


Having your employees dress up might need to be optional, but your salesmen walking around in festive costumes could attract attention. Imagine a potential customer driving by, and seeing Frankenstein or the president showing off cars in the parking lot of your dealership. That’s sure to attract attention. Anything that brings more customers in will be a serious asset to you, so it might be worth a try.


Decorating the cars in a safe, unassuming way may draw a little attention to them. Make the cars on your lot stand out. You may want to consider making special decorations that really catch the eye for cars you’re looking to move off your lot.

Special Promotions

There’s no harm in having a promotion or sale that you advertise locally. Though it might be too late to have an automotive direct mailer printed, a sale is always going to bring in customers if you look for alternate channels of promotion. Consider promoting a Halloween sale as build up to an end of year sale, and give customers incentives while they’re shopping on Halloween to bring new clients to your lots by the end of the year.

Halloween isn’t the most important holiday for car dealerships, but it’s definitely a prime time to begin promotions and buzz that will help get people to the bigger, end of year events, when you’re facing deadlines to move cars off your lots. You can use Halloween promotions as a lead-in to the end of year deals that are so important to a dealership’s financial future. By gearing up for a great end of year sale with even a last-minute Halloween promotion, you may have a stronger end of year promotion.