Working in this industry, we hear plenty from our clients about how they wish things could be different. Whether it’s a different staff set up or different staff altogether, new technology tools such as CRMs, a better web site or better tools for selling or even better training, we hear it all.

Every frustration in business has the potential to become a poison. The longer a frustration goes without a presented solution, the greater its capacity to cause problems in the work place. This is true no matter what the frustration is. It can be anything from lacking the right systems to just feeling as if you’re not getting the right customers through the door.

We want to hear about your frustrations. It doesn’t matter whether they’re large or small, whether they have to do with your own performance or limitations around you. We want to know what bothers you because it helps us make our business better. If we can understand the frustrations you have, we can help you and other customers like you get to the other side¬† through our technology.

Here’s a proposition for you: Take less than 1 minute of your time and fill out our three-question survey about your ‘poisons’ in the workplace, and we’ll design a solution around your problem if we don’t have one already. And to prove we’re not just trying to sell to you, we won’t even ask for your name or email. You can be as open and honest as possible. If you’d like to receive a consult about a solution that matches your problem – or one specially designed for you – we’ll give you one!

Whether you’re looking for outsourced bdc, digital marketing or direct mail, let’s talk about what would improve your experience both in the workplace and at getting customers in the door.

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