Why Car Dealers need a process for your leads

Systems and processes are the most important factor in a successful car dealership. They allow you to consistently provide value to your customers. They make it easier to train new employees, and they guide sales down a direct path. Because processes are so important, we wanted to share one of our favorites with you. Our lead handling guide. If you don’t already have your own high converting process, then go ahead and use ours template below.

This template includes:

A written guide that outlays the correct process when the lead comes in. It’s a step by step guide that allows you to gather all the information you need before contacting the lead. It’s also is an outline of what to say to the lead, and strategies for higher conversions over email text and voicemail. Below is more details about these sections of the guide.

The 2 minute drill

When a lead first comes in we like to start with a 2 minute drill. This is an outline of all the information you need to gather before contacting the lead. It’s important to be prepared and know exactly who your customer is, what source your lead came from, if they are looking for a VIN specific vehicle, etc.

Outbound call outline

Our guide has an outline script for your first contact. This outline allows your dealership to consistently provide great customer service, guide the customer through the sale, and ensures that you don’t miss any important information on the call.

Strategies for email, text and voicemail

Because you won’t always get an answer for every call you make, it’s important to have clear strategies in place for voicemail email and text. Also If you follow up on multiple mediums you give the customer a chance to reply on the medium he/she prefers. Our guide includes our top strategies we use for our clients.

Benchmarks to measure your results

It’s important that you have benchmarks to measure your results. If you don’t have accurate goals, then your results have no meaning. Also there is nothing to compare to and improve. We use clear benchmarks that you can easily compare you own results to, and see where you need to improve.

If you would like to download the same template we use in our agency to convert thousands of leads click the link below. This is a step by step process that shows you exactly how to handle a new lead for your dealership. Raise your lead conversion rate, and grab your copy now. Click below.