When you’re selling to your audience, it’s not just about giving them a great car. Particularly for new car dealerships, selling a car doesn’t just stop at the customer driving one off your lot. You also need to think about selling extended warranties and service plans, and convincing your customer to come to you for future car maintenance.

In many cases, people are hesitant to rely on dealerships for service/maintenance due to a few key points:

  • Price
  • Ultimate value
  • Loss of the “mom and pop” feel

On the other hand, customers may choose maintenance and after-purchase care with a dealership for these reasons:

  • Trust
  • Treatment
  • A full record of service

There are other reasons, but these are some of the most common we hear.

Use Automotive Direct Mailers

Automotive direct mail pieces aren’t just about selling cars – you can also use them to let the customer know the value of after-purchase care and maintenance services. You may also want to let the customer know that an extended warranty package could save future time, hassle and money down the road. For you, the purchase of an extended warranty package could bring in more dollars a month for your dealership. For your customer, the protection is well worth the cost.

Consider creating automotive direct mail pieces for both scenarios. Hit up customers who’ve recently purchased and not signed up for a warranty plan. Let them know after-purchase coverage options, and how these can enhance your customer’s ownership experience.

The good thing about these types of mailers is that you can print off a few thousand and use them over time – you don’t need to make the same kind of financial investment you might in other promotional mail campaigns throughout the year.

Let Them Know

If you’re running specials or discounts, have coupons to advertise or feel as if maintenance promotions don’t get a lot of reach – remind your customers they exist. Emails easily get filed away or deleted, but automotive direct mail coupons can be cut out and used at a later date. Create clear wording that lets customers know they can redeem mailers for special, discount services at your dealership.

Not only does this give customers the opportunity to do further business with you at a discounted rate. You’ll also find many customers will hang the mailer up on a bulletin board or on the fridge – meaning they’re constantly seeing your discounts and branding until they redeem the automotive direct mail coupon.

If you haven’t considered running specials or deals for maintenance, consider it asap – and let your customers know what you decide!