The weather is becoming more pleasant outside in the US – meaning, outdoor promotions are in full swing for many different kinds of businesses. If you’re driving around in your community, you may see some colorful banners outside dealerships in your area. These could range from banners, to flags, to balloons, to simple signs stuck in the ground that illustrate summer deals and warmer weather promotions.

Many dealerships use these types of promotions routinely, including your own. You already know that customers notice these promotions – they stick out, they capture attention, and many of them are easy to get because your main office may send you some of them.

Here’s the catch:

Your automotive direct mailers should match the kind of imagery displayed on your external promotions.

Remember, keeping your branding consistent at all times allows your customers to create subconscious connections between all your different types of advertising. This means that when they receive an automotive direct mail piece that matches your outdoor promotional materials, an “a-ha” moment should happen. It’s this moment that could change the game – potential customers receive a reminder that your promotion is going on, and they’re able to connect the colors, graphics, and overall feel of your promotions from the mailer straight to the outdoor promotions.

Your Branding Works Together

Outdoor promos are so useful during the summer – and your job is to render them more powerful by making sure your summer promo branded imagery is everywhere. Many people think this means just using your main branding logo everywhere, but it doesn’t.

Do you have images of suns and beaches on your outdoor promotions? They also need to appear on your automotive direct mailers. Any promotional or sales language that you use should also be consistently printed on your mailers.

Cause the Connection

Understanding the way that consumers create mental connections between different kinds of promotions is important. The idea behind much dealership marketing is to reach customers by creating multiple sales materials and sending them all out on a schedule. While this is a sure way to get customers “in the know” about your promotions, you could be missing the chance to let your customers create the connections they need to really want to buy from you.

Branding consistency is about more than keeping things pretty – it’s about giving your customers the chance to create those connections. Why miss out?