One of the key components of any automotive direct mail campaign lies in the way results metrics are measured.

Many companies make the mistake of handling mail campaigns without having a system in place to measure results. Even today, major car dealerships aren’t asking customers how they found or heard about their dealership, what or who influenced them to come, and what about automotive direct mail advertising pieces inspired a customer to visit.

It’s important to ask yourself how you are measuring success metrics for your business. Revenue isn’t enough – if you’re pouring thousands of dollars into your advertising campaigns, it’s important to know how your campaigns are working for you. Many dealerships feel that sending out automotive direct mail pieces on their own terms is enough – it isn’t. Working with a company who can handle creating and sending the pieces, and engaging customer feedback and marketing performance, can save your business thousands of dollars in marketing funds.

Automotive direct mail campaigns should communicate a sense of urgency to potential customers. A customer should feel like a special deal or one-time offer await, and be engaged with colorful and eye-catching designs that inspire them to begin the buying cycle. Most dealership owners or marketing managers understand this, but aren’t sure how to best track customer actions after the mail pieces are sent out.

If you’re a dealership owner, make sure that any marketing materials you send out are followed through with a solid plan of action for measuring the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. You could be losing money over time if you continue to sink your advertising dollars into campaigns that aren’t adequately measured. There may be ways to track the effectiveness of automotive direct mail campaigns and auto mailers that you haven’t yet been using. A firm that can take you to that level with your marketing will be worth every penny – for your revenue, your employees, and for your customers.

ADS (Accelerated Dealer Services) has the expertise to create and distribute high quality automotive direct mail campaigns, and to help you measure results. You’ll see from start to finish how engaging mailers can be in getting your target audience out to your lots. Accelerated Dealer Services will make sure that you get what you need with high quality, personally branded marketing campaigns and metrics measurements that will keep you in the loop about how your marketing efforts are doing over time.

If you’re struggling to do your marketing yourself, you don’t have to – there is a more cost-effective solution out there, and you don’t have to be in the dark about results measurement.

How do you go about measuring your marketing campaign efforts today? Feel free to leave comments below.