When you’re responsible for managing the advertising budget for a dealership, and making automotive marketing choices for your place of business, you naturally want high quality products and a fair deal. Many dealership managers who are looking for automotive direct mail services don’t really understand what makes for a good deal in the automotive marketing industry.

When it comes to getting automotive direct mail services for your dealership, you might expect the process to be a little like someone on your floor selling a car. If the customer wants the best upgrades and safety features, they have to pay a little extra. If the customer wants better products and services, guarantees or warranties, they have to pay extra. Maintenance costs extra. Everything costs extra.

Not so fast!

Because you’re working with smaller and often inexperienced companies when you strike an automotive direct mail or marketing deal, you may not know that you’re getting shortchanged. One commonly employed sales tactic among automotive direct mail marketing providers is to begin a negotiation with the client that will make the client think they’re getting a great deal, when really they’re overpaying for low-quality products and services.

For instance, you may be excited when your automotive marketing manager offers to cut a few hundred dollars off a basic package deal. You might think you’re getting a good deal when a marketing pro gives you a customized quote that they claim is much lower than market value because they “like you.”

The fact is, many automotive direct mail service companies are so hungry for clients and profit they will take deals they know won’t guarantee a lot of money for their business, but then compensate by giving you bad service. Cheap work, unreliable transit for your mailers, lower grade paper and a variety of other shortcuts that shortchange what you paid for are possibilities in this type of situation.

Many dealership managers find out they were overcharged, or experience transit problems with the marketing agency’s carrier – then continue to subscribe to that company’s services at a later date. Why? Many dealerships feel as if when they are getting a special deal from a marketing company, it may be too time-consuming to look elsewhere.

If you’ve run into the situation before with automotive direct mail servicing companies, there are a few things you can do to avoid paying higher prices for poor quality services.

Don’t Get Lowballed by Automotive Direct Mail Service Providers.

First, take a look at the quality of services you’ve already received from your automotive direct mail service company. Were the mailers delivered on time? Will the vendor be open about the type of paper and ink used? Does the final look of the product match samples you were sent before paying?

You should also shop around anytime you get a quote, regardless of how competitive a marketing company claims their prices will be. Seasoned marketing companies have a great track record of servicing other dealerships, and can offer you basic package pricing and fair deals rather than trying to lowball you with a “discounted quote.”