There are a number of ways you can retain brand consistency over time throughout implementing all your marketing materials. When you create an automotive direct mailer and send it to customers, you’re given the rare chance to create a branding image they won’t forget. If you’re not using brand imagery across the board for all your marketing materials, you could be sacrificing consistency – as well as reliability and trust – that keeps customers coming in and buying.

Define Your Brand Imagery

The first step in ensuring your visual brand is consistent is all about defining what that brand imagery is going to be. For instance, a color scheme, some central imagery, and decisions about how your logo and copy will appear on an automotive direct mailer are all important. Your automotive direct mailer should contain all the information you need to present a centralized theme to your customer, and to show that your dealership is reliable and trustworthy.

In addition, your automotive direct mailer should also adequately highlight any sales or promotions that are currently going on. You don’t want to use the same language every time – it’s important to experiment with sales copy and imagery that sets each of your promotions apart from the next.

Get Ready to Implement

Compare new automotive direct mailers to ones you’ve used in the past. Are you actually distinguishing one promotion from another, or lumping the same kind of sales copy and calls to action into each mailer? Take the time to make each and every one of your sales look like the big one customers won’t want to miss. Customers connect with these types of hints on a psychological level, and you’re more likely to get a response to your mailers if you use these types of techniques.

Remain Consistent

Brand consistency is all about ensuring that the imagery hanging in your store during a promotion matches the mailers you’ve sent. Even loose leaflets kept on automobiles should have the same general brand imagery and color scheme as your automotive direct mailers.

When you present a central image to a potential customer based around your promotion, you give yourself the opportunity to put that imagery out there again and again. If a customer likes what they see in a mailer enough to come to your lot, why wouldn’t you want to ensure that the same imagery that got them to you in the first place is a part of your on-site marketing plan?

Customers don’t always respond the way we want them to, but giving them visual cues that ensures they’ll subconsciously relate to the materials both in your mailers and on site is a big deal.

Customers respond to what they know, and consistency in your branding is a crucial first step to building trust with your customers.