There are two main reasons people tend to choose one dealership – or car model – over another. One is price, and the other is the actual experience aspect involved with driving the car. When it comes to your automotive direct mail pieces, you should make sure your audience understands you provide a top notch experience on both levels.

Provide the Experience

Car drivers want something “bargain” ALL of the time, and that’s a fact. Cheap doesn’t necessarily have to do with the standard of the car – it’s all about the price. A client who is looking to buy a Mercedes-Benz is still typically hunting for a bargain, and may go with the car that provides appears to be a valuable deal.

Providing a bargain is about giving more “bang for the buck.” The key is knowing your target customer, and determining what that bang is. For a luxury car dealership, the bang may be special treatment at the dealership or a comprehensive service package should something go wrong with the car. Mid-level car buyers are also looking for great service packages, but may be more inclined to go for a la carte servicing rather than something comprehensive – so they’ll want to know they have the option to service one thing at a time if something happens.

Used/smaller car dealership buyers are relying on durability. The car you sell these folks should stand the test of time, and appropriate lemon law documentation should be available to prove it. The bargain lies in getting something durable without a hefty price. If you can make these offers to your target audience, automotive direct mail should advertise that bargain as well.

The Experience

Experience is similar. The BMW sports car buyer is looking for a fast and exciting test drive while the family man buying a reasonable SUV at a used dealership may expect a different experience. Again, the key here is knowing your audience. If safety is the number one thing your target typically looks for, advertise a safe experience in your automotive direct mail pieces. If it’s all about the luxury experience, make sure photos of pricey cars with rich interior are prominently featured on automotive direct mail.

Knowing what bargains and what type of drive experience your target audience is looking for can be key to closing the sale – and even to getting people to your dealership before you ever have the opportunity to show a car.