Many car dealerships are still working on their mailings the old-fashioned way – having internal office staff print, address, and send out mailers. With the many things that car dealership administrative staff are responsible for, your staff could be doing something else with their time – and ultimately, outsourcing this tedious task could save you plenty of time and money.

Auto mailers work across industries. Each time a potential customer opens his or her mailbox, seeing your branding could be just the type of thing that’s needed to get the customer thinking about your dealership, and to let potential customers know about special products and promotions that are coming up. Automotive direct mail advertising will reach customers who are thinking about financing a new car – and inevitably, these customers are going to their mailboxes.

If you know that customers are going to receive great service and value when they visit you, obviously the best thing you can do is get them in the door. Automotive direct mailings make this easy.  If your staff is spending time preparing these mailings for you, or if you aren’t focusing on automotive direct mailings at all, you could be losing tens of thousands in customer business each month.

Our service at ADS takes your company’s legwork out of automotive direct mailings. If your staff is doing your mailings, you may be running into issues with printers, the expense of addressing and mailing direct mail materials, and you also may not have the tools in place to measure the results of automotive direct mail campaigns. Our solution solves all these problems for you in one unique package. Your employees won’t need to worry about getting the direct mailings out, and you won’t need to worry about how you’ll measure sales metrics. When your automotive direct mailings work, we’ll be able to tell you – and we’ll give you an idea of what specifically worked in the mailings.

If you’re not measuring the success of your automotive direct mailings, or you’re struggling to have your employees get these mailings out, we could save you both money and time. Mail services have proven results – and once you’re given the opportunity to show a customer a great experience, you can be assured the customer will return. He or she will also have plenty of good things to say about your dealership, so friends and family may be visiting you. One piece of automotive direct mailing sent to the right person can literally bring you customers for years to come, and result in thousands of dollars for your business.

Automotive direct mailing is a cost-effective way to get people in your doors. If you’re having your employees worry about this piece of your business, it may be time to save by soliciting the assistance of a qualified firm.