Regardless of whether or not your dealership is large or small, a marketing plan can make an overall difference in both your automotive direct mailers, and your advertising efforts on the whole. One of the major problems with many dealerships today involves working together with other departments.

Cohesiveness and good communication between different divisions of a dealership can mean more than just an easier work day. When it comes right down to it, knowing what’s going on in other divisions can make the difference between a mediocre marketing plan, and one that really makes your automotive mailers and your dealership shine over time.

A Marketing Calendar that Works

If your marketing team is solely responsible for putting together your marketing calendar for the year, maybe you’re missing something. Valuable information from the calendars of departments throughout your organization can make all the difference. If you’re part of a larger dealership, ask questions of people in other departments. You might want to consider asking:

  • Will there be any major restructures of the organization customers will know about this year?
  • Are we beefing up our service department, or making any changes?
  • What are the biggest promos this year outside the norm, and how do they compare with normal promotions we run annually?
  • Is an anniversary coming up for the dealership?

You’ll also want to make sure other departments in your dealership know about the up-coming marketing promotions. Every part of the dealership should pitch in and contribute to information that will appear on the annual promotional calendar.

Marketing Calendars and Automotive Direct Mailers

Since automotive direct mailers are such a critical part of any dealership’s marketing campaigns, it makes sense to correspond with other departments in your organization even before the planning phase of the mailers. If you’re right in the middle of having your automotive direct mail pieces designed right now, wait until the next run, work with other departments in your organization to round out your marketing calendar.

The best marketing calendars involve everyone in the organization. Fresh ideas, new thoughts, and interesting imagery will always make for the best mailers – and you’ll make employees throughout your organization feel engaged in the planning process.

Consider working with other teams in your dealership to help create the best planning calendar and automotive direct mail pieces possible for your organization.

How does your dealership work together to set a cohesive marketing calendar plan?