Successful salespeople know their product from every angle. These professionals also know their clients. However, sometimes the direct-mail marketing used to promote a vehicle does not match the cars or the clients. If your client likes to reach out and grab the door handle of a car valued at over $50K, make sure your direct-mail campaign reflects getting the attention of a person of that economic status.

Keep in mind; if you are selling used cars in the lowest socioeconomic section of Detroit, there may be a trend toward loud music and bright, bold primary colors in the community. A flyer that uses intense red, rich orange, and fluorescent pink flyer might be the perfect direct mail promotion tool to attract the buyer for those used cars. Conversely, if your client lives in the Preston Hollow section of Dallas, and has always driven a Mercedes or Cadillac, both the presentation and the colors should be subdued to reflect the community’s appearance.

Compliment Their Image

Your prestigious client has made the decision to work hard to gain the education, experience, job title, and status symbols to stay in the social class where he or she feels most comfortable. Your automotive direct mailers should be equally carefully thought-out and as well-designed to be in unison with the client’s self image. Any out-of-sync flyer will not be left on the desk of a VP, but a tastefully designed calendar with a Cadillac photo of the original 1902 model, and the latest 2012 model may remain on the desk all year. The same might be true for 20th century photos of high-end car hood ornaments and modern designs. Appeal to the image that the client has adapted as their own to create a meeting of the minds.

Expand Their Knowledge

A genius called simply “W. O.” founded Bentley Motors Limited in 1919. A creative automotive marketing director will design a flyer that informs his client of this little-known fact, or some other facts related to superior machines, in a manner that sounds as though the client already knows this information. In that way, the client feels appreciated for his or her broad knowledge of the finest or fastest of cars. A professional marketing person knows how to make a subtle compliment.

That ad artist also knows that using such an approach will increase the likelihood that the rest of the promotional flyer is read. Offering a key chain, or other gift with “W.O.” and a Bentley on it – if you sell Bentleys – could keep your contact information around for a long time while the client enjoys sharing his knowledge of car history with his or her friends and makes them your potential new clients.