Customers want to test drive cars. They have to. They rightly want to know what they’re getting into before they buy from you, and to do that they’re going to need to actually be in your cars, getting an idea for the feel and drive of the vehicle before they buy. You know it, your staff knows it – the test drive is in many cases what closes the deal on a car.

When it comes to selling a test drive, you can start that process even before a customer walks into your dealership. Selling a test drive with automotive direct mailers allows your customer to see what a test drive with a certain vehicle might be like before even getting into the car. If you’re crafty about the imagery and language you use on your automotive direct mail pieces, you can get customers interested in driving your cars before you ever meet them in person.

There are some keys to doing this efficiently:

Simulate the Test Drive

This isn’t always easy to do with graphic images, so a good start is to include photos of the car as well as the car’s interior from the driver’s seat. Giving potential customers a first-hand look at the inside of a car they might be test driving can accomplish a good bit. If you want to make most of the ad the interior of the car, that could give the customer a first-person test drive experience that other dealers aren’t willing to work with.

Use a Call to Action

A call to action incites a customer to act through the use of strong action verbs. “Drive a car today.” “Get into a Vehicle Now.” There are plenty of different experiences and verbs you could consider here.

It is important to consider alternatives to starting your call to action with “Test Drive a car today.” Test Drive as a phrase should be in there somewhere, but doesn’t necessarily belong as part of your strong call to action. Use a stronger verb to start your call to action, and include the word “test drive” several times throughout your mailer.

Create a Conversion Tactic

The copy on your automotive direct mailer should include language that not only encourages a test drive, but also encourages a customer to choose only the car they like to drive (giving power back to the customer) as well as language about buying the right car. Including language about buying will allow the customer to complete the conversion process in his or her mind before they even step onto the dealership lot, which can be an asset to your sales.