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Nobody sets out to be average. In fact, what people want to be is exactly the opposite. We are born to matter. But somewhere along the way we trip and scrape our knee and it dawns on us that what we thought would be, might not be.

We find ourselves at a crossroads. We can stand around wondering what happened, or we can decide that what we do, our work, will matter.

It’s scary to show up.

It’s scary to show up and do something. It may be something new, it may feel dangerous, maybe even terrifying. But it is not as scary, dangerous or terrifying as getting to the end of our lives and thinking  “What if I would have shown up? What would have been different?”

No Get Out of Jail Free Card

Every day, people are being well paid to use the same kind of skills you have, not because they are better than you, but because they decided that’s what they wanted and worked their asses off. They taught themselves to see what people really wanted and then set out to do that job and make it matter.

It’s not up to our customers to value us. It’s up to us to show them why they should and to do the work that creates a difference and that matters to them. There is no more “business as usual” for car salesman, general managers, dealerships, or marketers like myself. No cushy numbers. No “Get Out of Jail Free” card. There is only work that matters.

You might not be able to change how the world values your profession, but you can change how you are valued by doing work that matters…work that changes how people feel, not just what they think.

Let’s work together on a winning marketing plan.

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Automotive Direct Mail Formula for Success

There’s a formula for creating excellent automotive direct mail marketing campaigns. It’s called AIDA, an acronym for:

A = Gain Attention
I = Create Interest
D = Build Desire
A = Request Action

Pick up any one of our automotive marketing pieces and analyze it, and you will find these four elements. In some way it grabs the attention of a potential customer, maybe with a great headline or a graphic element. Whatever it is, the piece immediately catches their eye, and they can’t help but pick it up to find out what it’s all about.

Once it has their attention, the piece intrigues them with the promise that something will be of value to them. Now that their interest is aroused, they want to know what the big secret is.

Then it builds an eagerness to check out that new car, and an easy solution that only the dealership who sent the flyer/brochure can provide.

Finally, it has a clear call to action: step-by-step instructions to get all the value that has been promised.

Without these four elements, you will not get the results you want.