Get The Inventory You Need in a Snap

The best solution to the current national automotive inventory crisis.

How It Works

Identify Local Consumers

We identify local consumers who have inventory for sale in your market area.

See Real Money Offer

Snap Auto provides a real money offer to your customers online within 30 seconds.

Push Trade Quote

We promptly push the trade quote and customer contact info to your CRM.

The Problem

Wholesale Competition

The problem with wholesale auctions is that every other dealership is also bidding on the same inventory running the cost up.


The problem with local trade-ins is that dealerships are only seeing the individuals in their showroom looking to purchase a new vehicle and trade in their old one.

Auction Fees

A dealership will pay a $350 buy fee for each vehicle purchased at auction plus an average of $250 in transportation costs. Making each used vehicle purchased at auction $600 higher than auction acquisition cost.

Retail Conversion

Vehicles purchased at auction have a 0% probability of converting into a retail transaction. Vehicles secured via SnapAutos have a high probability of converting to a retail transaction making the transaction much more valuable to the dealer. 


Get 100 Local In-Market Trade Leads Per Month

Leads delivered exclusively to your dealership.

Customized radius targeting.

Acquire vehicles at or below left book.

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