It’s January in the world of car dealerships, and just about everyone’s got their winter promotions out there. When wintertime hits, it makes sense to think promotions that play to the customer’s mind for cold weather – right?

Not necessarily. If you’re planning on sending out automotive direct mailers at the end of February or in March, you might want to think a little outside the box.

Customers HATE Cold Weather

After a few months, the beauty of the first-fallen snow has more than worn off. Your customers may be looking for a solution to the miserable feelings that winter can bring – along with financial issues brought about by the Christmas holiday.

If you’re putting winter graphics on your mailers in February and March, it might be time to think spring – and green! Print automotive direct mailers and other advertising materials based on what your customers are looking for, or looking forward to – don’t keep them stuck in the wintry months with cold weather promotions or graphic art that suggests winter.

Springtime for your Automotive Direct Mailers

Include graphics that contain photos of your customers driving around in warm weather, or green spring scenes that suggest a customer would look great in your car during those first few days of springtime. This could work for your dealership on multiple levels.

Clients connect subconsciously with images that you use in your advertising. It’s best not to give them graphics that remind them of the unpleasant winter months.

As part of a long-term strategy, using this type of information can help you start thinking ahead all year. In July, don’t just think about fourth of July promotions – think about special deals and mailers about “cool” imagery, and seasonal imagery that will help you move your customers into thinking ahead. The more you think ahead, the more you have the opportunity to save yourself planning – and try some different strategies that could bring more clients onto your lots.