Facebook Ads Success Story

Patriot McAlester Sold 46 Cars in July

From a $6,500 investment

How we helped Patriot McAlester during the pandemic produce phenomenal results in less than 90 days!

See how we delivered 223 high quality vin-specific leads to their dealership

Discover how we drove a $141 cost per acquisition during the COVID-19 pandemic

See the the strategy that helped them generate over $85,000 in gross profit, despite the sales department doors being closed

Patriot McAlester Sold 46 Cars in One Month 2020

See How Patriot McAlester Sold 46 Cars in July 2020

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We sell 30+ cars per month on Facebook, consistently. If you’re a dealer looking to level up on your Facebook game hire ADS. They’ll get you paid.

Seth Knighton, COO

Patriot McAlester

How Patriot McAlester Sold 46 New Cars During The Pandemic

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