If you manage marketing for a car dealership, the next few weeks may be the last chance you have to get end-of-summer deals off to print. If that’s the case, you have one last shot to create marketing materials that will really get those end of summer deals in your customers’ minds.

Rather than just leaving the planning and execution to your printing department, why not take a look at your winter and spring sales? This data could provide key metrics that will help you decide whether you need to include additional elements in your summer marketing materials.

How to Make It Happen

First, compare sales figures from the last two quarters to the same date range last year. What are you seeing? Do you find that customers are buying less this year? If so, looking to the local and national economy may give you an idea why. If you know for a fact that employment is down in your area, you’ll need more compelling reasons to get someone into a new car.

Think of catch phrases that will add value to a new car for someone who is newly employed, or looking to get to a new job. Use local employment figures and key economic data in your area to make marketing decisions.

It’s likely you’ve been given sales data at some point if you’re running the marketing team. When sales drop, even if it’s by a small percentage, it’s important to identify why and how your marketing techniques can rectify the situation in the next few quarters.

After you look at sales data, look at key local factors for how the summer is passing. Important news stories and local happenings can help you add a personalized touch to your marketing materials. By making your customers feel as if your dealership is proud to be a part of your local community, you can appear relatable and begin to build trust. That kind of trust gets people on your lots, and leaving in new cars.

Help Them Beat the Heat

Another important factor to consider for the remaining summer promotions is temperature. If it’s blisteringly hot in your local area, you may want to consider creating promotional materials that feature cool blue colors, or images of local folks getting cooled down. It’s possible to do this and make the materials tasteful – remember, recognizing a customer’s “pain” and providing a solution is key to building trust and getting customers interested in what you have to offer.

The summer months will be ending before you know it. Don’t just start pumping up your fall strategy – concentrate on how you can make the most out of these last few months of summer. You may be able to get valued customers in your doors that you never counted on – which means an increased bottom line.