There’s just something about springtime – when the weather starts to get a little nicer out, accidents are on the rise. You’ve seen it, you may have experienced it – and if you have a teenager, you know the situation is going to be a little worse.

Additionally, many people end up buying their newly-graduated children a new vehicle. Those purchases tend to happen between March and May, and collide with tax refund season, which makes sense. Any parent knows there’s a huge sense of panic when putting a teenager into a new or used car, particularly during a time of year when bad choices and a higher rate of accidents seem to be afloat all around.

We’ve talked so many times about how being in touch with what’s happening in your community is great for your automotive direct mail pieces – and for your marketing in general. So many buying decisions happen when the seller has a feel for what’s happening around the buyer.

If your buyers have teenagers who are getting into cars this season, it just makes sense to address some of your community’s parents in a way that lets them know you’re hearing concerns.

Start With Safety

When it comes right down to it, kids want to be in a sleek looking car, and parents want their kids to be safe. It may not be your job to prevent sleepless nights, but it’s definitely your job to ensure that your buyers know their kids are safe in your vehicles.

Start by developing a value proposition that includes a high level of safety bullets. Put this list on your automotive direct mail pieces, and integrate talking to parents about your cars’ safety as part of your overall marketing plan. If you’re putting yourself out there as the safest game in town, parents are sure to listen.

Ultimate Value

When parents have kids who are graduating or turning 16, one big thought is college. Getting into a good school that parents can afford is a huge deal – and you can turn your sales proposition on automotive direct mailers into one that takes future college expenses into consideration.

Just a few simple lines of text can let parents hear that you are aware of both their financial and safety concerns when it comes to their teens.

Part of your responsibility when selling is to identify pain, and come up with a solution – and what’s more painful than your beloved child in a car that might not be safe? Alleviate parents’ fears, and get the sale this spring and summer.