The end of the year is fast approaching, and many auto dealerships are considering revamping their websites in preparation for the November push. Business may be thriving now, and new automotive direct mail designs, newspaper ads and other advertising materials might be a good step for your business.

Revamping your marketing materials can be a big investment – particularly if you’re looking to totally redesign your company branding in some way. Don’t forget that if you redo a newspaper ad, your website or other marketing materials with new branding, other advertising components also need to reflect those changes.

Branding Primer

We’ve talked plenty about how branding affects your business overall, but many people – even advertising professionals – don’t understand why. Brand recognition is completely critical in getting your users to trust you, and to make all your marketing materials look close enough to be attributed to your dealership.

The colors you use, your value propositions, a slogan and even the fonts on your advertising can have a huge subconscious affect on your audience. When you run TV commercials, online campaigns and radio ads that feature your logos and mention your slogan respectively, you have a better chance of your customers attributing certain phrases, value, and a look to your brand.

Establishing branding smoothly across platforms – including your automotive direct mailer – will give your customers the connection between your marketing materials and your value as a business.

A New Plan

When you decide to edit your marketing materials or upgrade your branding, you’ll need to adapt that update across all your marketing campaigns.

Big brands don’t blow up overnight – it takes time for people to relate your brand to the kind of value your business can offer. It’s important to illustrate that value when you come up with your branded marketing materials. Make sure that your brand reflects exactly what you’re trying to communicate to your customers, and make sure that message is reflected across all channels of communication.

When you revamp your branding, take the time to meet up with marketing staff and write out a plan to ensure all areas of brand connectivity are covered for your dealership.