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Want to change the world? Now that’s marketing!

There are a few who find marketing as trivial or even unnecessary. Some rant or pout about it like the late Bill Hicks. However, I’m glad that in this great country of ours we celebrate by rewarding awesome ideas. Some would call that capitalism.

In America, we are people of ideas. There are good ideas and there are bad ideas. There are ideas that spread and there are ideas that sputter or fail.

When you think about it, without ideas there would be no mobile phones, computers, automobiles, air-conditioning, airplanes, boats, electricity, movies, photographs, medicine, and you could go on and on.

Ideas are what make the world go around.

The ideas that spread, win. And marketing? Well it’s the art of getting good ideas to spread.

How about we talk about some good ideas for your next automotive direct mail campaign?


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