With so many digital marketing companies working to meet a client’s online needs, the effect of offline marketing materials may seem to be diminishing over time. We field client questions regarding how our marketing campaigns coincide with online marketing strategy rather frequently. As a dealership manager, you already know the difficulties of getting customers onto your lots.

The truth is, any good offline marketing campaign does not compete with your online campaigns – they supplement each other and work hand in hand to get an interested customer to your lot. Automotive direct mail services should be working in conjunction with your online promotional campaigns – whether your company is using social media tactics, email marketing strategy or other forms of online communication with clients.

When it comes to merging online and offline marketing strategy, you can ensure your strategies work together seamlessly and accomplish their intended purposes. New customers are buying all the time, and only pushing heavy online and offline promos during your end-of-year-deals isn’t going to cut it. You have at least 10 months of prime auto-selling time to utilize throughout the year that many dealerships aren’t capitalizing on.

Here are a few ways to unite your marketing campaigns to create a bigger picture – and more customer commitments for your dealership.

Choose and Create a Unifying Theme

Many marketing campaigns generally fail due to their lack of a unified theme. When customers receive materials from you with varied or confusing branding, they will walk away confused about your dealership and your promotions.

Keep in mind, for each unique campaign using consistent:

  • Language and Messaging
  • Color Schemes and images
  • Layout design
  • Bold Call-to-action
  • Clear contact information

Your automotive direct mail promotions should match whatever online branding your firm is doing. This will give you multiple chances to market a particular promotion or idea to a customer over time. The more a potential customer becomes familiar with your promotions, the better your chances of making the sale.

Define and Stick to Your Goals

Far too many marketing campaigns begin without well-defined goals.

Consider defining goals around and make sure your marketing resources have accurate ways of measuring:

  • anticipated revenue
  • volume or traffic to lot
  • phone-in calls
  • visits to website from direct mail piece
  • new email subscribers to online marketing

Additionally, you should determine how offline and online marketing campaigns will inform and assist each other, and if there are or should be overarching goals both campaigns could meet by the end of their run.

Automotive Direct Mail Services – Online?

Using your auto direct mail services as part of an online campaign might be a great practice for your dealership. Creating an online campaign based around a successful offline automotive direct mail strategy could get your mailers in front of your customers multiple times.

When it comes to marketing online and offline, use automotive direct mail services alongside a great online campaign for maximum benefits and results.

How have you found your direct mail efforts to strengthen your online marketing front?  Please comment below.