My Top 20 Posts in 2014 | ADS | Chad Brooks

Like a lot of you, I take time at the end of every year to review and assess my last 12 months — and this includes my blog. One of the things I do is review my top posts. Overall, my traffic is up 31.3 percent and 61.9 percent of site visits are from new visitors. I’m always interested in what’s working and why.  It helps me know how to serve you better.

Following are my top 20 posts from 2014:

  1. How To find Tomorrow’s Car Buyer Today – 12/16/2014
  2. The Gold Neglected By Most Car Dealers – 10/03/2014
  3. Mastery Matters – 08/22/2014
  4. Changing the Game – 11/18/2014
  5. The Free Prize – 10/17/2014
  6. Successful Automotive Email Marketing – 12/02/2014
  7. Harvesting Gold for Today’s Car Dealership – 10/10/2014
  8. This Is Marketing – 05/22/2014
  9. Try Things – 01/30/2014
  10. Success – 06/05/2014
  11. Are You Selling A Good Story? – 11/11/2014
  12. Automotive Marketing As A Strategy for Growth — Not Just Car Sales – 10/31/2014
  13. Price Is The Story We Tell Ourselves – 11/24/2014
  14. You’ll Never Be As Cool As Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson – 09/19/2014
  15. It’s About The Why – 05/08/2014
  16. You May Be Doing Automotive Email Marketing, But Does It Work? – 12/02/2014
  17. An Annual Review With You – 12/23/2014
  18. It’s A Choice – 07/11/2014
  19. It’s Never Been So Easy . . . Nor So Challenging – 06/13/2014
  20. Opportunity Doesn’t Knock – 04/17/2014

Based on the list, here are five observations about what’s working. And feel free to post a comment below. I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

  • Success is very successful. No surprise here, but success and motivational posts are a major part of the top 20 list.
  • Infographics fill the list. Towards the end of this year we began an effort to include high quality infographics to illustrate a theme or thought. Six out of the Top 20 articles have info graphics. This means we will be using more infographics in 2015.
  • Ideas steal the show. Most of the top 20 posts are ideas and strategies about business, life, and selling cars.
  • Content is a top priority. Our content is responsible for a 38.1% increase in return visitors to our website.
  • Getting and keeping permission is hard work. There is no overnight success here. It’s hard work. We listen to you and make every effort to deliver compelling content that is personal, relevant, and anticipated.

Thank you for a great year in 2014. I look forward to what we can do together in 2015! Happy New Year!

We’d love to discuss a content marketing strategy for your dealership. There is a lot we can share with you that we’ve learned over the last few years. Let’s talk.